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Our school of thought: Recess Calgary values community. Our community is brought together by adults who simply want to have more play in their week.

Play happens by having a bunch of people willing to embrace their inner child, be open to new friendships and get exercise (with a bit of competitive spirit).


Our only ask to participate is an inclusive, open attitude that is welcoming to all types of people, athletic ability and care for how you show up to have fun.


If you’re looking for an untraditional, semi structured way to meet people, exercise and just be a kid, Recess Calgary is the place. Come out once, twice a month or every week and be a part of our community.

Hi! I'm Tyson, founder of the community Recess Calgary! I'm just another Calgarian with an idea to bring people together.  Think of me as your gym coach (but nicer), a fan of sport and exercise. I look forward to seeing you at the next session!

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Are you curious what we do each week? First, each week is a little different than the last. Below is our blackboard of the variety of activities that we play. Think of the creative games you played in gym class, fun right? Within the hour the class will get to play 3-4 group games. Grab your friends and play those old school gym games that you didn't know you missed.  

A recess Class

We have  

Group Wellness Opportunities!

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So, you want to participate at our next class?

Attendance is always voluntary, however we have to know if you and your friends are coming. 

To make roll call and not be marked absent, details are below:

Location:  2404 Kensington Road NW, T2N 3S1 (Commons Church)





Drop In



Period One 7:30 PM  - 8:45 PM 



Got a Question? Raise Your Hand!

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